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Got Roof Moss? Ugly black stains on your roof? Gutters overflowing when it rains? Siding or walls on your house dirty?

No problem! Exterior Kings Ltd. specializes in Roof Moss Removal (demossing) and Roof Moss treatment in Victoria BC.

We also provide Quality and Professional Exterior Cleaning Services for gutters, siding, windows and more! Let Exterior Kings take care of your residential, commercial or strata property exterior cleaning needs.

Roof Cleaning Service In Victoria BC

Does your roof have slimy green moss growing all over it and ugly black algae stains? If so we can clean those unsightly stains with our Proprietary 100% Bio Degradable SafeWash™ Roof Cleaning and Moss Treatment Solution. Applied with our low pressure – high volume proportioning pump system, we can safely and effectively treat and kill (remove over time with mother nature) the moss, mold, algae stains and lichen that are distroying your roof. Visible algae stains will be gone the same day our roof moss treatment is applied! Our Roof Moss Treatment and Preservation Plan features a 2 Year Guarantee!

Exterior Cleaning Services: How our SafeWash™ Cleaning Solution Works…

To remove fungal growth from your roof, siding or walls we gently apply our SafeWash™ Solution with Low Pressure via our Proportioned Delivery System, which means No Damage to your homes surfaces!

*Pressure washing your roof will not only damage it, but will spread that bacteria all over the place, which can then return in as soon as 6 months.

Our methods are fully approved by the A.R.M.A (Asphalt Roof manufacturers Association) and are recommended by all insurance companies.

Instant Curb Appeal For Your Home!

Before we start washing the exterior of the home, strata or commercial property, an inspection is made to ensure soffit, siding and gutters are in good condition, To prevent water entering your home; any repairs needed will be noted and brought to your attention.

Our proprietary soft wash SafeWash™ Solution is then applied to all areas of the property. The solution will kill and remove all the mold, mildew and algae within minutes of our application; all without harming any exterior surfaces!

After the solution has done its job, we rinse it all off using low pressure. Using this method ensures the roof, siding and gutters stay cleaner for up to 6 times longer than when using a pressure washer.

Gutters and eaves-troughs

Gutter and eaves-trough cleaning is very important and should be preformed annually. Overflowing gutters can damage landscaping, reduce the life of the gutter itself or cause leaks at sealed points resulting in mold, wood rot and other damages.

  • Gutter Cleaning We will clean your gutters by hand safely from our ladders and take the debris away when we leave. We also clean out the downspouts if needed.
  • Gutter Inspections: Hi-Res Video inspection of your gutters and downspouts, emailed to you!
  • Gutter Whitening Services: If your gutters are streaked and stained with black algae we can clean them and have your gutters looking like new again!
  • Soffit Cleaning Services: Let us clean the black algae and mildew stains from your soffits.

Exterior Cleaning Services

  • Siding Washing: We will safely clean the exterior siding and walls of your home using a low pressure application of our Proprietary and environmentally friendly cleaning solution – SafeWash™ .
  • Window Cleaning Services: We will professionally clean the exterior, interior and screens of your windows using our special window cleaning solution and commercial grade window cleaning tools. Streak free, Spotless Shiny Windows Guaranteed!
  • Pressure Washing Services: let us pressure wash (power wash) your driveway, patio, deck, building exterior etc.

Estate Keepers Ltd.Local Family Owned and Operated Exterior Cleaning Service in Victoria. We support our local community and have 5 years previous volunteer firefighting experience with the Central Saanich and Sidney Volunteer Fire Departments on the Peninsula. We have been doing Exterior Cleaning and Property Maintenance since 2004 and strive to provide the safest environment for all of our employees by having safety protocols with our equipment for each site, and we are insured with WorkSafe BC. WorkSafe BC Clearance letter available upon request. Our workers are equipped with items like hard hats, steel toe safety boots, hearing protection and safety glasses, coveralls and always have the proper documentation in place.

SAFETY 1st! We have successfully completed ladder safety training from the Justice Institute of BC and maintain Aerial Lifts CSA B354.4/345.2 and Class 7 Telehandler CSA B335-94/04 tickets for licensed use of Aerial Equipment to complete any high scale job on your site safely and within the CSA standards and BC OHS Regulations.

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