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Gutter Cleaning Service in Victoria BC Interior and exterior gutter cleaning. We use a High Powered Vacuum System and various attachments to Vacuum the debris (wet or dry) from your gutters. Moss, leaves, pine needles, seed pods, weeds growing out of your gutters are no match for our Gutter Vacuum Cleaning System.

Check out this video of we SAFELY Clean Your Gutters from the Ground!

Without regular cleaning, gutters would get clogged with dirty rainwater, leaves, pine needles etc. leaving you with one big, decomposing mess.

Gutter cleaning and maintenance is something that should be done year-round.  Estate Keepers Gutter Cleaning serivce removes leaves, dirt, grime and the occasional toy to keep your gutter systems flowing freely and protecting your home from water related damages. Your insurance company will be very happy to know you are maintaining your gutters too!

Cleaning off the outsides of the gutters is a popular option as well, we can safely remove the grime, leaving your gutters looking like new!

We believe in using the right tool for the job. All gutters are cleaned out a combination of hand removal and commercial grade wet dry vacuum or blower.

  • Our gutter cleaning technicians are fully trained, qualified and experienced experts in all facets of gutter cleaning
  • We focus on great customer service.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: we want your business again and again.
  • We answer and return customer email and phone calls promptly.

Exterior Gutter Cleaning. Ask about our exterior gutter whitening service. We can clean all the ugly algae and mould stains (tiger stripes) from your gutters and make them look almost new again.

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