Lawn Painting

Lawn Painting Service in Victoria BC

Don’t let water restrictions and the high costs associated with keeping a green lawn worry you this summer! Estate Keepers can come and quickly spray an affordable all-natural, water-based lawn dye on your lawn that will not rub off or rinse off with water. It will stay on the lawn for 2-5 months. Our environmentally friendly lawn paint will quickly transform your dormant, yellowed grass into what look likes a lush, well maintained green lawn.

Our lawn environmentally friendly bio-degradable lawn paint is safe for people, pets and plants. The service has been offered in California for a decade and many sports stadiums and golf courses use the product.

Are you selling your home?
Having a green lawn ads curb appeal and makes a great first impression. Everyone loves a green lush lawn, including potential buyers! Your lawn is one of the 1st things that will be noticed by a potential purchaser. If your lawn has the appearance of being properly maintained it will show that you take care of not only your lawn but your entire property.

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