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…If you answered YES! then We Can Help! Watch the video then give us a call or email us below for your free quote! We have a roof moss treatment and gutter cleaning package deal too!

Simply call us today to learn how our Proprietary SafeWash™ Roof Cleaning Solution can SAFELY Treat, Thoroughly Kill and Remove the Moss, Mold, Lichen and Ugly Black Algae Stains that are Damaging Your Roof!

Featuring a Proprietary Blend of 100% Bio-Degradable Ingredients our SAFEWASHRoof Cleaing and Moss Treatment Solution will not harm your plants, pets or the Environment!

We mix our Roof Cleaing Solution on Site and apply it to your your roof safely and securely from our ladders via our Low Pressure ProPortioning System (less than 100 psi), high volume (7 gallons per minute).

Plus, our Roof Moss Treatment Plan comes with a 2 Year Spot Treatment Guarantee!

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Roof Moss Treatment and Preservation: Your roof is one of the biggest investments in your home and can cost tens of thousands to replace do to damage from moss and algae growth. A clean roof is a healthy roof and adds instant value and curb appeal to your home.

Here is another great roof cleaning video:

Here’s a roof we treated for moss in Broadmead Victoria BC 3 months later there is very noticeable difference. SAFE Roof Moss Removal and Treatment.

Here’s a Cedar Shake Roof that we SAFELY Cleaned!

Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning

Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning

Moss Treatment and Prevention Plan

Roofs must be re-treated promptly at the end of the warranty period to avoid allowing moss algae to re-root and grow. We have found that the cost to maintain your roof remains constant regardless of when re-treatment is done, the only change is the potential damage that is done to your roof when moss is allowed to continue to take root.

Got Roof moss? 3 months after we treated this roof and cleaned the gutters.

Tile Roof Cleaning

Tile roof cleaning

Over the years a roof maintained regularly by Estate Keepers Roof Moss Treatment Solution will avoid damage caused by moss and algae re-growth. When you purchase our Moss Treatment Service and Prevention Plan you will be covered under our 2 year spot treatment guarantee. If any areas regrow during this period we will come back and retreat the affected area free of charge. To preserve and keep your roof Moss and Algae free and looking like new, we highly recommend you retreat your roof every 2 years with our Moss Treatment Solution.

Same roof as about different angle. 3 months after roof moss treatment.

Roof moss treatment

Just 5 minutes after our roof moss treatment is applied. Look at all that dead moss!

How does our roof treatment solution work? We treat the moss on your roof with our proprietary roof moss solution. We utilize a low pressure high volume application that effectively kills all the moss, algae, mold, lichen and spores that can rapidly damage your roof if left untreated. After we treat your roof the moss quickly dies leaving you with a clean, moss free roof after a few months time. A 2 year Spot Treatment Guarantee comes with all our roof moss treatment and preservation plans.

Will you be walking on my roof?
No. In most cases we can apply our roof cleaning treatment safely from our ladders.

When can I expect to see a moss free roof? Within 3 to 4 months the remaining moss will dry up, shrink and the dead roots will naturally release themselves from the roof shingles. The rain, win and sun will take of the rest of the removal process.

Can you remove the moss by hand? We really don’t recommend manual removal of moss. It can be done for an extra fee. You can expect us to remove approximately 80% of the visible moss growth from your roof, we will then clean your gutters before we can apply our roof moss treatment to effectively kill any remaining moss and algae spores.

Read this report to find out more about the black algae and moss that’s eating your roof.

What does your roof moss treatment and algae stain removal cost? Call us today at 250.999.4582 or email us for your free roof moss treatment quote.


Your Subject (choose 1 or more)