What’s Eating Your Roof?

Non-Pressure Roof Wash for Shingle Roofs
magma moss monster“Hello!  My name is Gloeocapsa Magma and you probably have already seen me on your roof eating away all of the good limestone in your shingles.  I prefer the north side away from the sun, but I can spread quickly since I am a bacteria.  I’m the one responsible for leaving the black roof stains and or streaks on your roof.  I like to hide out under the moss on your roof! Over time I can destroy your roof by breaking down the fibers in the shingles, forcing them apart and allowing leaks to occur!”
Prevention of Gloeocapsa Magma
We specialize in the removal of this Magma Moss Monster by a process called soft wash or soft washing. Soft Washing (softwash) involves a low pressure, high volume application of our cleaning solution that does not damage or remove the granules from the shingles.  Our Mossinator cleaning solution is environmentally friendly and will keep the Magma Moss Monster from returning for up to 2 years, (Depending on the slope of your roof and accessibility).
Here is a recent article featured in the Times Colonist Newspaper regarding black algae streaks on your roof. We also offer manual removal of moss from your roof prior to treating your roof with our moss treatment and cleaning solution.
algae stains make for streaky roof
Here is a roof we recently treated. You’ll notice the algae stains on the left side before our roof cleaning treatment was applied. On the right you’ll notice the algae stains are completely gone! The algae stains are gone within minutes of our roof algae treatment being applied safely with low pressure, leaving you with a roof that looks like new again!
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